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I am Cecile Levee

The world's foremost cellist Pablo Casals at age 90 was asked why he continued to practice four or five hours per day? And he responded, "because I think I am making some progress."

And that is my approach to this journey called life, I think I am making some progress, so I continue to practice, learn, try, and keep moving even when its not in a straight line.

I have been a fashion model appeared in Seventeen Magazine, Ebony, Three magazine covers Black Haircare, Jive, work with Essence, Vogue, numerous catalogs & print campaigns.  Also appeared in five music videos including Kool and Gang's  "Cherish" Full Force's "Temporary love thing"  Force MD's "Here I go again", and the Regis and Kathie Lee Show.  


I refer to myself as a Multipontentialite, as I currently work as an interior designer,  a wine consultant and educator, a lifestyle writer, and until COVID owned and operated an award-winning wine bar and bistro Wine With Me.  

When not forced to make a living I love to travel and do so extensively in search of amazing food, wine, and a new and broader perspective on life, all while wearing red lipstick and my own sense of elegance and style...

Let's practice together.    

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